Re-launching the podcast

Hi everyone!

We took a pretty long break, due to a variety of work and personal needs. It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re really excited to be back. We want to deliver the best Johnny podcast we can, so we’ve made some updates, detailed below.

First, we updated our audio equipment and recording setup. I feel like a lot of podcasts go through a learning phase before figuring this stuff out, so hopefully we’re on the right track. Let us know if you like the new sound.

We’re also updating our format. We found the old format was hard to keep mental momentum (say that five times fast), and we often ran out of decks that really excited us towards the end of a meta. So…

We’ll be publishing episodes weekly on Sunday nights. This will give commuters (like me) a fresh deck to ponder on their way to work.

Episodes will feature 1 deck each, with JJ and Lydia taking turns. This lets us really focus on each deck in more depth. Since eps are weekly, now, you’ll get the same number of decks per week, just with more frequency.

We’re going to do about 6-8 episodes per “season.” Seasons will correspond closely with the release of new sets, since we brew almost exclusively in Standard. Once we’ve explored what we are interested in for a set, we’ll wrap up the season.

Bonus content between seasons is highly probably, and it’s likely to be focused on Modern, Cube, or Pauper. Let us know what you’d like to hear, and we’ll work on it!

Stay tuned for 2 full episodes coming June 9th.

We welcome any suggestions or comments on the new format, or on content you’d like to hear more of. We enjoy the brews we discuss, but we also want to know where our audience’s interests lie.

Email us at

Try out our decks and let us know what you think – suggest a sideboard, a tweak, or just tell us something crazy that happened. Inordinate amounts of testing data welcome.

Decklists at


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