Season 2, Episode 1: With Friends Like These…

In this episode of Clever Combo, like so many others, JJ is drawn to Ravnica by Ral’s interplanar beacon, and he brought some friends with him. Inspired by the availability of low-cmc walkers that have real, immediate board impact, JJ set out to build a Superfriends deck, and the result is spicy.

With Friends Like These…” is a XLN-WAR standard deck that curves impactful Grixis spells into midgame utility walkers, with a handful of powerful finishers. Half control deck and half Superfriends.

Particularly notable is the new Nicky B, who drops pretty easily on 5 (hey, mana is free on Ravnica, right?) and a Sarkhan that can turn your little walker crew into a surprise alpha swing.

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This week’s Deck:

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