Season 2, Episode 2: Jodah Jo Jo Jo Jo Jodah

Do you like ginormous dinosaurs? How about cheating them into play? Tricking your friends into losing games of magic? This deck may just be for you.

In this episode of Clever Combo, Lydia reminds us of two things. First, she’s a malicious, devious brewer, and second (and perhaps more importantly) Jodah is, in fact, a thing.

“You Forgot About Jodah” is a XLN-WAR standard deck that digs hard and fast to drop Jodah on four, while holding up a Dive Down for good measure. But the thing is, he has some friends who are far, far more terrifying than a little old 4/3 flyer.

Particularly notable are the herd of Dinosaurs – Zacama, Zetalpa, Ghalta But if that doesn’t get you, Apex of Power, Nexus, and Omniscience form a solid backup plan. A Transformative sideboard allows the deck to slide into a more traditional ramp deck, with Carny T leading the charge.

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