The Middle Finger Deck

If you ever find yourself sick of the same old decks in the same old meta, we have the deck for you: hate on all of them equally with Color Screw!

Season 3: Episode 4

The deck is built around M20’s two cycles of color hate. Game 1 is pretty tough to steal, but once you get to your sideboard, the deck becomes downright oppressive.

[[Shifting Ceratops]] is an all-star next to the three cheapest removal spells you can find, [[Fry]], [[Noxious Grasp]], and [[Devout Decree]]. 

Since the deck has to lean on the patented Ravnica 5-color manabase, why not also include backup threats [[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]], and [[Chamber Sentry]]. Last but not least, fix your mana, and abuse your protections with [[Scuttlemutt]].

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This week’s Deck:

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