Punch Thud Love

Step into the ring with JJ’s 1-2 combo deck, Punch Thud Love.

Built around the vague sense that JJ wishes [[Fling]] was still in standard, we have to make do with [[Gravitic Punch]], which is excellent because of Jump-Start, and [[Thud]] which thrives on the single mana cost.

The key to a good fling-style deck is excellent X creatures. [[Hyrdroid Krasis]] has a high floor and a ridiculously high ceiling, and the Flample is very meaningful. [[Voracious Hydra]] is a 2-mana chump, a removal spell, or an enormous X/X creature all in one card.

Wrap this all up with some support from [[Domri, Anarch of Bolas]] and [[Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner]] which serve as a combination of ramp, anthem, and draw.

Check out the deck on Season 3, Episode 5 of Clever Combo!

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