Reborn and Rehashed

What kind of janky Johnny podcast would we be if we didn’t take a crack at Niv-Mizzet Reborn?

Ultimately there are a lot of ways to try to build around this beast of a card, but one thing is sure, you need a balance of guild cards in order to get a real payoff. This week Lydia went for a 5-color control variant that we think you’ll enjoy.

Other than Niv, no one or two cards make the deck. Rather, like the Embodiment deck featured a few weeks ago, variety is the key, here. Of course all stars like Thought Erasure and Assassin’s Trophy are key, alongside cards like Ionize, Deafening Clarion, Dovin’s Veto, and Kaya’s Wrath

Tune in to Clever Combo S6E6 (season finale!) for  more on the deck, and ideas on alternate Niv build-arounds. This will be our last regular episode of the season, so make sure to savor it until we manage to crib together a bonus episode.

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This week’s Deck:

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