Technical delay – Sorry!

Hey everyone. We’re very sorry to say that after recording last week for today’s release, we found out there was a pretty big technical issue, and we weren’t able to re-record.

We’re going to make up for it, though. This week we were going to do a meta breakdown anyway, and with WotC’s two fairly big (and only one surprising) announcements today, there’s good reason to do so.

First is the Banned and Restricted announcement, which to no one’s surprise, included a ban on Field of the Dead in standard. It also included a ban on Arcum’s Astrolabe in Pauper, for those who are cross-format fans like JJ.

The second announcement was the upcoming release of a new format, Pioneer. Best you read for yourself, here.

So sometime this week, Thursday or Friday hopefully, we’ll release the meta episode as a catch-up for the missing episode. Then next Monday we’ll have our normal episode with JJ’s latest brew on feature.

Keep brewing!

PS. Props to Scryfall for already having a Pioneer legality filter in place!

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