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Clever Combo is the definitive podcast for Johnny Combo players. We focus on brewing Standard legal decks, interspersed with bonus content and set reviews. We love off-beat, off-meta combos, unique brews, and surprise win-cons.

It all started when JJ said to Logan, “I play this game that I think you’d really like.” Logan said, “well, I’ll try it, but I won’t buy cards.”

Welp, that didn’t last. We quickly discovered we both enjoy brewing, which for us means finding new and different ways to construct decks that can win, even if they aren’t tier 1. We love surprise victories or decks that the opponent isn’t really sure how to deal with.

After the absolute minimum of planning and practice, we decided to try our hand at podcasting. We chose the name Clever Combo because we think our decks are at least as Clever as they are winning, if not a little more so, and we enjoy a good combo as much as the next Johnny.

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